The "How Are You Doing" Report

This weekly report is designed to help us know how you're feeling about your responsibilities, what's bothering you, what's challenging you, and where you feel like you're killing it.

This report is more for you than it is for us - imagine this as you're own journal where you can "vent."

Please be as honest as you can be. You can mention names, specifics, clients, etc... Anything is fair game. And no, your peers will not see your entries as these will be guarded with the strength of a thousand armies.

  • This can include completed work, new ideas or strategies, new connections, something new you learned.... Anything is fair game!
  • Includes anything from a colleague or client you're having trouble with to a component of your job you're not understanding. It could be frustration over a project, account, etc... This is your chance to "journal" about what's bothering you about this job.
  • This is where we want to hear your ideas. List anything you feel that could improve the way we do business. No idea is a bad one. You are a part of this team and we want your vision and ideas for how we can become better.