You need to know one thing about us

We're like nobody you've ever met

You need to know one thing about us.

We're like nobody you've ever met.

We're finance guys turned marketers...

We're a full-service digital marketing agency in Kansas City, Missouri. We service local and national-based small businesses with annual revenues under $100m.

Our bread and butter is SEO, website design & development, online advertising on Google and Facebook, and social media.

But we're a bit different.

Many marketing teams are just, well, marketers. But not us.

You see, we come from a background in finance, which means we care a lot about your bottom line. We don't just try to make flashy websites and cool marketing campaigns. Nope, our first order of business is to make sure we get one thing right - make you money. After all, that's why you hire a marketing firm, right?

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Talent From Around the Globe

We are a remote-based agency that utilizes talent from around the planet to bring world-class talent to our clients at midwest pricing.

Instead of paying a hefty fee for Silicon Valley programmers or designers from New York, our employees work remotely worldwide. We employ people in Kansas City, but we also employ people in Colorado, Florida, California, Wisconsin, Singapore, Pakistan, The Philippines, and more...

What does that mean for you exactly?

It means that we have low overhead. It means that it costs us LESS to build the exact same product that would normally cost 3x the price in California or New York.

And ultimately, this means you pay less for the same product. Thank you, technology.

Built on Trust. Rooted in Relationship.

At our core, we have a deeply rooted passion for growing a relationship with you and helping your business reach the stars.

Life should be awesome. Fun. It should be full of joy. And if we can help you reach that in your own life through the relationship we form with you and the success we bring you, our mission will be complete.

And at the end of the day, we are fierce competitors who go to war to make you successful.


"Don't take it personally, it's just business"

We hate this saying. We don't operate like that and never will. Everything we do, say, act, and feel is what makes us human. We are humans and so are you - therefore, we run our business in such a way to make life more enjoyable.

This isn't just business for us, it's personal. We take pride in our work, pride in the success we bring our clients, and we derive our sense of worth from the relationships we build along the way.