Accountable Reimbursement Request

Our accountable reimbursement plan only covers:

  • All meetings must be in pursuit of business related material.
    • If client is a friend/family member and a request is submitted, there is a good chance it will be denied.
    • It is expected of you to push for Zoom or Phone Calls first, but occasionally, face to face meetings will be necessary
  • Meals/coffee/drinks with client
    • You may not exceed $100 for this expense without prior written approval.
  • Transportation
    • We'll cover $.58 per mile
    • Does not include commuting expenses to and from our office(s)
    • You may not exceed 50 miles for this expense without prior written approval
  • Gifts
    • If you determine that a client could benefit from a gift, you have the ability to send birthday/holiday or special occasion gifts of up to $25.
    • All gifts must get prior written approval.
  • Office Expenses
    • This is handled on a case-by-case basis and must get prior approval to be reimbursed for any office-related expenses.