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Copywriting Editor

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Job Description:

The Copywriting Editor position is a blend between writing content and managing a team of writers. The underpinning of the job is copywriting of course, but we also ask out Editor to essentially be the "project manager" of our blog content and one-off copywriting projects. As the Editor, you will be responsible for a few various tasks within our organization, which we'll cover below:


  • First and foremost, you will be tasked with writing blog articles and one-off copywriting projects for things like landing pages, location pages, and ads.
  • We have a team of revolving interns of anywhere from 4-7 depending on the time of the year. These interns are responsible for writing the bulk of our client's blog posts. However, their work needs edits - sometimes substantial edits, which is where you come in. When that happens, you would be tasked with providing feedback, edits, and constructive criticism.
  • We use a task management system called ClickUp. This is what keeps us organized and is really the bulk part of the "project management" you'd be doing. You will use ClickUp religiously to assign articles to interns, move the projects through the task management life cycle, and keep things on schedule.
  • There is also more of a subjective facet of this position that necessitates you provide a learning experience for our interns.  We don't just want to take every article, edit it, and be done. We want them to gain valuable experience in the process. It would be up to you to help facilitate that. We will train you for this.
  • You would be the last set of eyes before it goes to the client
    • This is why the Editor position is so very important - because it's up to you to catch poor quality articles, bad grammar, or content that doesn't fit our client's tone or voice. You're the last set of eyes before it goes to our account managers and then off to the clients. We cannot rely on our account managers to catch stuff, so we would rely on you for this.


Hourly: $17.00/hr

More Details:

  • This position is fully remote. However, we do require you to meet internal deadlines to ensure projects are done on time.

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