Sales Prospector

Remote Position - Work Anywhere on Earth.


Job Description:

A prospector's primary role is to source and find leads, referrals, and potentials clients. Through the use of online platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, NextDoor, and Google, the prospector will create and initiate conversations in order to develop the contact into a lead or prospect for Segalo Media. Alternative methods such as cold calls, cold emails, and out-of-the-box solutions may also be used.


  • Reach out via "cold" methods to potential clients via multiple avenues/platforms
  • Utilize LinkedIn, Facebook, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, NextDoor, Google, cold emails, cold calls, local outreach, referrals, contacts/friends, etc...
  • Build database of prospects within CRM
  • Notate conversations, pricing discussions, details, etc.... for each prospect within CRM
  • Link to company calendar and set meetings for salespeople - create a smooth transition/hand off to salesperson
  • Log hours and keep notes on where time was spent
  • Submit weekly reports


  • Prospector would be expected to generate at least (2) qualified leads per week and (8) per month.
  • Keep thorough and detailed notes so salesperson can jump in seamlessly to close the sale.
  • The prospector must set expectations clearly with the prospect prior to passing off to the salesperson.
    • i.e. Prospector cannot promise the moon and put the salesperson in an impossible position.
  • During allotted work hours, be available for both internal and external communication
  • Communicate effectively via email and written text, especially with our internal team. We limit in-person, phone, and video meetings to a minimum so written text is relied upon
  • Manage the workload and hourly time effectively while working remotely
  • Timely and swift communication with the prospect. Emails/calls should be replied to on same day. Prospects go cold very fast!
  • Make sure prospect is a "warm" lead before setting up a call/meeting with salesperson. Do not waste salesperson's time with bogus leads that are ill-informed. The prospect should have a relative degree of understanding that they are looking to purchase SEO, website design, etc...


Hourly: $14.50/hr, max of 15 hours per week

Commission: Variable, 7.00%-25.00%

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