10. Local Lead Generation

This course was created by a marketing expert named Dan Klein. It was one of the main courses that shot us into the SEO industry.

In this course, Dan will teach you how to create local lead generation websites to then rent out to local service based businesses.

Here are some notes for you as you take this course:

  • You do not need to actually build a website as you go. Dan is going to walk you through building websites on Weebly (We do not use Weebly, we use WordPress). Please watch the videos, but don’t actually build a site.
    • At a later date, if you would like to go through this course and build sites on your own, you can. But please save it for later!
  • Specifically pay attention to the prospecting and sales
    • Take notes as you go so you can get good ideas for prospecting and selling to local service based clients.
  • This course is super robust and could be a full time sales job in itself to just go after local contractors and service based clients.
  • Local lead generation should be a part of what we sell, but shouldn’t be the only thing we sell.
  • In general, local lead gen is going to have smaller accounts while SEO and web design will have our larger accounts.

When you’re ready for this course, please message Daniel on Slack for the login and password.

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