6. Intro to Web Design

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A few notes on Our Web Design:

  • We primary build on WordPress
    • We never build on things like Weebly, Wix, or other low budget “do it yourself” platforms. When clients have sites built on these, we usually always have to pull them onto WordPress.
  • Some eCommerce stores we build are on Shopify, but most are on WooCommerce.
    • WooCommerce is the plugin that is used on WordPress for eCommerce functionality
  • You won’t need to know how to design websites. But you do need to develop the ability to recognize bad design vs. good design. You’ll also need to know how pick out certain things on websites to help educate clients on what is a best practice and what is not.
    • Ex: You should be able to look at someone’s website and see that they aren’t using Call to Action buttons effectively.
    • These will be covered in a later course.

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