Brand Identity Kit

What is it

  • A resource containing the rules of your brand and how people should apply it holistically to maintain brand consistency across all forms of media.
  • It’s a collection of brand elements, design elements, and imagery that establishes the look and feel of a brand.
    • Logo, colors, fonts, symbols/icons, images, etc…
  • See examples

Why do companies need it?

  • It’s the foundation of how people will see and interact with your brand
  • A professionally styled brand helps to appeal to customers and draws them in
  • People intrinsically want to do business with “beautiful” brands
  • A consistency of high-quality content creates trust with your audience
  • It helps set the foundation for great web design
    • Designing without a brand kit is like flying blind

Our approach

  • We have them take a brand survey
  • Next, we create the mood board.
    • This has imagery, colors, and random bits of text. It is a hodge-podge of stuff to represent the general “feel” of the brand
    • We want the client to decide on colors and fonts in this step
  • Logo development
    • Either we create a new one or edit the current
  • Bring it all together in a brand identity kit

Who do we go after? 

  • Companies that are typically getting websites built above the $7k range
  • Startups that need to create a look and feel for their brand 

How we sell Brand Kits

  • We often include it for FREE with website designs over $10k.
  • Sometimes, we will do these as one-off projects for new startups that need a brand identity

How we handle pricing

  • $2500 for a brand kit is our set price
  • This doesn’t really change much unless we offer it as a free upgrade within a website project over $10k.