Social Media Management

What is it

  • Organic posting on social media platforms.
  • Moderating engagement of likes and comments.
  • Managing messages that come in.
  • Essentially, it’s running the entire social media department for the company.

Why do companies need it?

  • It can help improve the customer experience
  • Gets more “touch points” with the customer
  • Improves transparency

Our approach

  • We outsource to a partner company, WordWell. 
  • Occasionally, we will offer social media management as a part of a HUGE package, but typically only on deals above the $10k/mo range.
    • When we do this, we still will only offer posting of up to 2-3 times per week on a couple of platforms. It is NOT full on social media management. 

Who do we go after? 

  • We don’t go after anyone specifically for this. 
  • If someone comes to us, they need to have a very large budget

How do we sell it?

  • As a one-off to a large company or brand
  • As part of a huge SEO deal 

How we handle pricing

  • $4000-$5000/mo minimum