Adding the Location to Keywords & Finalizing Our Keyword Database

Now that we’ve got all of our keywords ready let’s finalize it before we start creating our outline.

Quick note, you likely have already exported your database. We are

Add location keywords

First, let’s go through the keyword list and see where we can add the location keyword. However, we do NOT want to “keyword stuff” and add it too many times.

  • At most, we will want the location keyword listed about 5-7 times throughout the content.
Clean up and finalize the keyword database

Often, you’re going to have a lot of keywords that are repetitive in nature and are trying to say the same thing. At this juncture, we want to go through and clean up the database so we have a list of unique keywords and phrases that can exist on their own.

  • Example: We have the keywords “web designer” and “web designer in Kansas City.” Those are going to be seen by google as the exact same keyword. Only use one of them.
  • Note: You can do this filtering process on UberSuggest or in Google Sheets. Whichever you prefer
Use ChatBot by OpenAI
  1. Go to Chat AI and ask if we’re missing any keywords
    • You will need to create your own account
    • Tell it specific things like “Find me SEO keywords for my article “Web Design Company in Overland Park, KS”
    • It will bust out a list of keywords – see if we are missing anything.

When you’re finished, export your list as CSV and upload it to ClickUp