Building Your Keyword List

  • Step 1: Login to UberSuggest:
    • on$@0#sih3)JSDF2
  • Step 2: Copy the Google Sheet template to the correct client folder
  • Step 3: Follow the training below to build your keyword database

Generating Keyword Ideas

The first thing we’ll do is generate a list of keywords and ideas.

  • Start by typing in 3 keyword phrases that come to mind about the particular service. Try to make them different enough in order to get the tool to generate more of a variety of keywords for you.
  • Look within all of the tabs (suggestions, related, questions, and prepositions)

Exporting Keyword Ideas

  • Select all of the keywords you want to include in your search
  • Add keywords to a New Keyword List
    • You’ll want to create a new keyword list each time you’re generating keywords for a new location service page. This will make it easy to export.
  • Once you’re finished adding all keywords to the keyword list, navigate to the keyword list.
  • Export the list to a CSV

Importing Keyword Ideas

  • Open up the CSV file in Excel or Pages on your computer.
  • Copy and paste cells into the Google Sheet template
  • Finalize all keywords to get ready for the content writing.

Prioritizing Keywords

Now, it’s time to find the highest-searched keywords that have the lowest SEO difficulty

  • Utilize the filter in Google Sheets to identify the highest-searched keyword phrase
  • Next, look at the SD column and find the keywords that have high search volume, but lower SD.
  • Determine the best balance between the two in order to pick your top 5 keywords and phrases to use.
  • Finalize your list by organizing it
    • The #1 keyword phrase should be listed #1 and will be the keyword we use in the title tag and H1 headline.
    • #2-5 will be what we utilize heavily in our subheadlines.