Creating Your Keyword Database

Our goal is to create a finalized list of keywords and phrases to use prior to starting the writing process. Here is a basic outline of what we’re looking to do:

  1. Create a keyword list on UberSuggest
  2. Export the keyword list to a CSV file
  3. Import the CSV file to Google Sheets
  4. Create a sorting filter to prioritize by search volume or SEO difficulty
  5. Download the Google Sheet as a CSV file and upload to ClickUp
Before You Export, Add “no brainer” Keywords to UberSuggest

As we show in the training video, it’s important to think through and add the “what would I search for” queries. UberSuggest can’t possibly show us every keyword – It’s going to miss stuff, and that’s where you come in.

Sometimes, we need to use our brains and think through what we believe are the obvious keywords and phrases that people will be searching for.

Often, the UberSuggest tool will get 95% of what we need. But other times, you may need to really sit down and think through the keywords that should be present within the content on these location pages.

  • Add those keywords to the list, even if they show 0 search volume


We have added additional training in the next lesson that should occur before you export your database.