“Rules of the Game”

This is a list of what is expected and required to maintain your good standing with our company. A failure to meet these expectations can result in negative consequences. 

  • Respond to each email within 4-6 hours of receiving it, even if you have to let the client know you won’t be able to respond for a certain amount of time. 
  • If you receive a client call during work hours but are on the other line or are otherwise unable to answer:
    • Send a text message within 10 minutes
    • Call back within 2 business hours
  • Maintain a retention ratio of at least 80% in the first year. This means that for every 10 clients you are assigned, you will need to keep 8 of them. 
  • Be available between 9am-5pm (CST) for both internal and external communication
  • Communicate effectively via email and written text with our internal team. We limit in-person, phone, and video meetings to a minimum so written text is relied upon.
    • *It is expected for you to convey your thoughts and needs clearly in written text
  • Communicate effectively via all methods of communication with the client – email, phone, Zoom, and occasionally, in-person meetings when local.
  • Zoom Calls: It is expected for you to maintain professionalism for Zoom calls. Only take Zoom meetings in quiet places with clean and professional backgrounds, and be sure to wear at a minimum, business casual. We do not permit taking Zoom calls in pajamas, sleep wear, workout gear, or other casual or recreational attire.
  • Phone Calls: It is expected for you to take phone calls when you are in a quiet and professional environment. Do not make or take a call if you are in a loud environment or a place where a child, animal, or other human being can cause a distraction. 
  • You can work wherever you want in the world, but you will need to abide by other expectations regarding time and work completion (9-5pm CST). Your work needs to be completed on-time and done to a degree of excellence. 
  • Keep client happy by monitoring their monthly performance and ensuring success. If a client is unhappy because of performance, it is your responsibility to fix it by using the resources of our internal team. 
  • Monitor success barometer for each project, sound internal alarms if performance metrics are lacking. Communicate with management if clients are teetering or potentially going to cancel.
  • Make sure client understands their monthly report and what it means.
  • When managing projects, it is expected for you to meet project deadlines.
  • Ensure that all work orders and client requests are documented, tagged, given deadlines, assigned to the proper people, and given a time estimate. 
  • Properly manage each client’s advertising budget each month and ensure that budgets do not go over the allotted amount. 
  • In the event of a personal emergency, it’s expected that you let our team know of potential missed work hours and when you may be unavailable.