Hierarchy of Content & Keywords

Not all keywords and phrases are created equal. We want the highest searched terms to be at the top of our hierarchical system, as shown below:

  1. Title tags, meta descriptions, H1 headline (Priority 1)
    • The most searched-for keyword will go in the title tag and the H1 Headline
    • The H1 headline and the title tag should house the same main keyword for the page
      • Important: The H1 header tag is how Google reads the page. It is what we specify it to be.
  2. Subheadlines H2 (Priority 2)
    • Subsequent subheadlines need to contain high-volume secondary searched keywords
  3. Subheadlines H3-H5 (Priority 3)
  4. Body content (Priority 4)
    • The body content is where we’ll fit more of the obscure or lesser-searched keywords.

Most Important Things:

  • When in doubt, always get the highest searched term into the H1 and Title Tag
  • Always build your outline first to guarantee you’ll get the correct keywords into the right priority levels.
  • A title tag is the blue clickable link in search results.