How to Do a Video Audit


Use on-screen videos to walk through a company’s website. Max length of about 5-7 minutes. 


During the prospecting, be sure to qualify the client first. Do not make videos for companies we don’t want to work with. 

Tools to use:

  • Loom


The whole purpose of the video is bait. It’s not to sell them right then and there. The goal is to get them interested enough to get more information. 

Outline of On-Screen Videos:

  • Introduction
    • Spend about 5-10 seconds introducing yourself. 
    • Be real, be friendly, and try to build rapport right off the bat if you can.
  • Encouragement
    • Try to find something good to say about what you see
    • Spend very little time on this (Max 10-15 seconds)
  • Talk specifically to their industry/company + build trust/credibility
    • Find something on their website as you’re talking that helps them realize that you understand their industry. Try to use industry words and lingo if you can. That will help them trust you. 
  • Show 2-3 glaring problems
    • Point out the problem, but do it in a way that insinuates we have the fix
    • Really dig into the wound here
  • Address the problem
    • Speak to why this hurts them. 
    • Address this from a standpoint of non technical stuff, but talk to their business health as a whole. That they are leaving money on the table… money that could pay for their kid’s college. 
    • Make it personal, but not weird.
  • The “ask”
    • Don’t present a specific solution. 
    • Instead, tell them you’d love to hop on a quick call to discuss further.