How to Win

How to Get Extra Credit and Become a Rock Star

Note: There is some inadvertent “crackling” in this video due to rendering issues.

This list describes the detailed tasks you can do to excel in this position and “win.” These are not required expectations for you, but this gives you a roadmap to what would impress us and lead to growth within the company. 

  • Respond to each email within 1-3 hours of receiving it. 
  • Swift responses to internal slack messages or email.
  • Maintain a retention ratio of 90% or greater.
  • Exceed client KPIs by +20%
  • Develop an advanced skillset for WordPress design and development
  • Upsell or refer our services once per quarter
  • Increase current account’s monthly revenue
  • Grow your fundamental knowledge and skillset of digital marketing initiatives by taking online courses, reading books, or attending events/conferences/seminars. 
  • Take initiative by creating, testing, and implementing more efficient internal systems that help projects move faster, streamline communication, and/or see client success go to greater heights.
  • Create or propose ideas for systems or processes that further enhance the relationship or performance we have with our clients.