How We Sell + Pricing

Who do we go after? 

  • Google Ads
    • Anyone that can benefit from Google search
      • Local, national, or international
    • We can actually help people that don’t even have any intention of doing SEO.
      • Consider the company that may be in way too competitive of a niche to really ever rank in SEO. We could do Google Ads for them and help them still get business from Google Search
  • Facebook Ads
    • We really only want to focus on local service based companies, for now

How we sell Google & FB ads

  • Google
    • It should be part of an SEO deal, or done as a “test” for a potential SEO client. 
    • We rarely would want to take on a client to just run Google Ads unless they have a really big ad spend and we can make good money. 
  • Facebook
    • We will NOT do Facebook Ads unless it’s part of a bigger SEO package
    • It’s too much labor to make sense for us to run. 
    • This may change if we can find a good Facebook Ads contractor that we know and trust. For now, we don’t have anyone. 

How we handle pricing

  • We charge a percentage of the client’s ad spend. We’ll talk about this more specifically at a later time.