Note: This video was created for our account managers, but it is very helpful for you to know how to do all of this as well. ClickUp is our MAIN task management system and how you will communicate in large part with our internal team.

ClickUp Training – Sales

This is what we use for all of our task keeping. 

  • You will probably use ClickUp, Slack, Email, and Agency Analytics daily
  • Make sure your ClickUp email notifications are turned on
  • Use ClickUp to the maximum advantage
  • Very powerful – It’s up to you to make it work efficiently. Anything is open – but it must be replicable

Basic Items You Will Need to Know:

  • Creating tasks
  • Creating subtasks
    • It’s important to split tasks into subtasks in order to make sure everything gets done. 
    • Often, different subtasks will need to be assigned to different people
  • Assigning a deadline
    • Make sure it’s doable and make sure it gets done on time. 
  • Moving tasks through stages
  • Logging your time
    • This isn’t necessary to get paid, but it is very important for us to be able to track billable time to our clients.
    • It’s also helpful for us to understand how long things take
    • It would mainly apply to your tasks as we don’t ask our designers, developers, or other team members to log their time – other than the SEO team. 
  • Creating folders for new categories

Misc Items:

  • Create a task for EVERYTHING
    • We have way too many moving parts to say things to yourself that you’ll get xyz done later. You often will forget, and we can’t have that. 
    • If you think about something, create a task
  • You don’t need to know everything right now, but we are counting on you to use some of the training coming up to make our systems more efficient.