Let’s Practice

In this section, we are going to do an exercise. To start, we’ll look at a few websites and build a general understanding of their digital presence. Then, we will work on finding our own low hanging fruit niches around the country.

  1. Do research using Ahrefs and Google Search. Compile your findings into a Google Sheet or Doc.
    • Do research on these websites:
    • For each one, find the following or answer the question:
      • What is their current domain rating?
        • Has it increased, decreased, or stayed relatively the same over the past 3 years?
      • What are the top 3 keywords we would want to focus on for them in the beginning? Remember, we are looking for high volume, low KD
      • What are the keyword difficulties (KD) and Volume of each of the top 3 keywords we should focus on?
      • Has their traffic increased, decreased, or stayed the same for the past 3 years?
      • Does it appear that they are using a current SEO agency?
        • We can tell by looking at the number of referring domains. A gradual increase doesn’t tell us much. But a sharp increase shows us that they likely hired an SEO agency.
      • Is the niche and area considered low hanging fruit? Why or why not?
      • Do you feel that we be competitive for this client? Can our SEO actually work for them given their niche, location, and competition?
  2. Use Google Search to dig up 5 low hanging fruit niches around the country
    1. We are looking for the following criteria:
      1. 50,000-250,000 population
      2. The top map result should have less than 50 reviews
      3. High margin niche
      4. At least 10 GMBs in the niche in the city
      5. Ads are present
      6. Top companies in the map do not also rank at the top of organic rankings on page 1
    2. Ex: concrete contractors in independence, mo