Here is an example video of a monthly report

  • Reports are generated in Agency Analytics for each client
    • The client is to receive a PDF report along with an on screen video of you walking them through the report. See example below.
    • The monthly reports all cover trailing 3 months of data for SEO. When speaking about ads performance, that can be just covering the previous month. SEO doesn’t change too much month to month, which is why we cover the trailing 3 months.
  • We send 10-15 minute videos for monthly reports
  • For monthly, all reports need to go out before the 10th of each month
  • Always be selling! Our clients need to be reminded what they are investing in and why – every. single. month.
    • This is your one opportunity to re-sell our client on our services each month. For some of our clients, this is the only interaction you’re going to have in a month.