Our Web Design & Development Timeline & Process

  1. Phase 1: Kick-Off, Research, and Discovery: 1 Week
    • We will set up a meeting and call with you and your point of contact to dive into your brand, offerings, pricing, target audience, etc… This is often a brainstorming period where we will come up with new ideas. This is also the period of time we will research your competitors, industry, and other useful data in order to design and strategize appropriately. We don’t just design a website to look good, we need to position it to work for your end goals.
  2. Phase 2a: Brand Identity: 2-3 Weeks (to be done simultaneously with content)
    • During this phase, we will create your logo and the full brand identity kit. This will start by you filling out our brand survey. You are given up to (2) revisions. A revision is when you provide a full list of feedback for our design team to improve or change the underlying asset. It’s imperative that you are as detailed as possible in order to cut down on the back and forth.
  3. Phase 2b: Content Writing: 2-4 Weeks (to be done simultaneously with brand identity)
    • The next step is to take what we learned in the discovery phase and begin creating your written content to directly target your audience. This will match your brand’s voice and represent your company in the correct light. Content is perhaps even more important than the design, because it needs to grab the interest of your viewers.For this project, we will be creating the content from scratch, while collaborating with you as much as possible. This will be delivered to you in a Google Drive folder, where we will perfect and finish the content to your liking before Phase 3.
  4. Phase 3: Web Design + Development: 4-5 Weeks
    • After the content is complete, we’ll begin the design of the website. We’ll create the design first in PDF format. This is the stage where we will make edits and changes to the layout, flow, design, etc… No changes will be made in the development phase, so you will need to be 100% satisfied with the website in the design phase before we move to development. You are given up to (5) revisions for the home page and (2) revisions on all other pages.Once the design has been 100% approved, we will develop the website to look exactly like the PDF design. We’ll add in animations when needed and will look to develop the site to look lively and active. We’ll create all of your website functions, navigation, footers, email integrations, etc… This is where we make the site come to life.
  5. Phase 4: Deploy the Website
    • The website will be designed on a subdomain or test domain. We will have this ready for you to view in order to give full approval prior to going live with the site. Upon your confirmation, we will migrate the website to the new server, collect the final payment, and send it live.In the process, if there is an old website, we can assist in backing the site up for your files.