The H1 Headline

At the top of the page, write the initial H1 title. This should contain the keyword with the highest search volume and the one that should be the “no brainer.” Example, if we were writing a location service page for a garage door company and we were trying to rank for “garage door repair,” an H1 title tag would likely be something like “Garage Door Repair Company in Grand Junction, CO.”

Remember, the H1 is the MOST IMPORTANT keyword we’ll place within the content. It’s imperative that we get this right. A rule of thumb is that it’s usually pretty obvious and should house the specific service.

Here are a few examples of companies and services with their H1 headings.

  1. iPhone screen repair company
    • Service: Screen repair
    • Location: Parker, Colorado
    • H1 Headline: “Screen Repair Company in Parker”
  2. Auto glass repair company
    • Service: Windshield replacement company
    • Location: San Diego, CA
    • H1 Headline: “Windshield Replacement Company in San Diego”
  3. Plumbing company
    • Service: Sump pump repair
    • Location: Louisville, Kentucky
    • H1 Headline: “Sump Pump Repair in Louisville”
  4. Roofing company
    • Service: Solar roof repair
    • Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
    • H1 Headline: “Solar Roof Repair in Cherry Hill”

Once you’ve written the title, highlight it and make sure it’s the H1 heading. The dropdown for formatting in Google docs is important, so make sure you know how to use this. We’ll be setting different headings and body text throughout, so we’ll be revisiting this frequently.