Welcome Training & Overview

1. A note from the founder, Daniel Segalo

2. Job Description

Your main role within the intern position will be to write blogs for our clients that are grounded in SEO. 

Other Responsibilities

  1. Communicate directly with your Editor on a regular and weekly basis
    • If you have questions or are not understanding something, it is up to YOU to let your Editor know. 
  2. Engage, answer, and be available to communicate on Slack during the week. Your Editor is going to likely contact you from time to time and it’s important that you have Slack downloaded on your phone and your computer. 
  3. We will train you on doing Search Analysis - which is the practice of finding blog topics for our clients according to our SEO strategy.
  4. For each article you write, you’ll be tasked with finding keywords and phrases that people would type into Google to find the correlated article 
  5. When needed, you’ll make necessary edits to blog and website content 
  6. Occasionally, we may assign website copywriting projects or Facebook ad copywriting. This will be handled on a one-off basis.
  7. BONUS: Refer friends, family, and clients to Segalo Media for a 10% Commission bonus**

    3. Expectations & How to Win


    These are the expectations we have for you within the internship. Failure to meet these will result in termination.

    • Meet your deadlines and ensure all articles are delivered on time
    • You will be assigned at least (2) articles per week to write
    • Understand ClickUp and ensure you’re changing the correct statuses for each task
    • Do proper keyword research and make sure the articles follow our overall SEO strategy for each individual client
    • Respond to Slack messages within 24 hours (except on weekends)
    • Be available to meet with your editor via Zoom at least twice per month

    How to Win:

    We have basic expectations for you to fulfill your job well, get projects delivered on time, and do what you say you’re going to do. These are designed strictly for you to know that if you do these, you are excelling as an intern and are doing exceptionally well. 

    Ultimately, this is how you get an A+

    • Get articles submitted 3 days ahead of the deadline
    • Take on additional blog articles rather than just the 2 you’ve been assigned per week. 
    • Ensure that articles aren’t sent back to you due to inaccuracies or poor writing 
    • Do your own research and train yourself as a copywriter
    • Refer 1 business to us during your internship

    4. General & Quick Overview

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