Setting Up Payment Details

We will need this information in order to pay you. All payments go out on a biweekly basis. You are required to fill out a work report, otherwise you will not be included in the payroll.

  • ACH payments within the USA will be direct deposited into your account every other Friday
  • Cryptocurrency payments will be sent sometime between Tuesday-Thursday of the payroll week
  • PayPal payments will be sent at the same time as cryptocurrency payments

*For International Employees - IMPORTANT:

Cryptocurrency is far and away the best way to be paid internationally. It is the cheapest, fastest, and most efficient way to receive payments from Segalo Media.

With cryptocurrency, the fees are very low and we will cover those, so you'll get the full value of what you're owed. If we have to use Paypal, you will not receive as much due to the astronomical fees that Paypal charges for international transfers.

While there are an array of cryptocurrencies to be paid with, we recommend using DOT (Polkadot). It's fast and cheap to send. You will have your money in less than 1 minute of us sending it to you.

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